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Public Speaker

Past Summits

4th Summit co-hosted by Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm and 113 Suicide Prevention

Sept. 3-4, 2018


Countries in Attendance: 20


Lead Sponsor: Deloitte

Rotterdam Architecture

2nd Summit co-hosted by Wendy Farmer & BHL

Sept. 3-4, 2018


Countries in Attendance: 13


Lead Sponsor: BHL

Image by ibuki Tsubo

3rd Summit co-hosted by Sue Murray and SPA

Feb. 27-28, 2017

Countries in Attendance: 15

Attendees: 71

Lead Sponsor: AMP

Sydney Port

1st Summit co-hosted by Dr. Jerry Reed & EDC, Inc.

June 9-10, 2014


Countries in Attendance: 8


Lead Sponsor: RI International

Image by Sidharth Bhatia
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