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Rotterdam 2018

Co-hosted with Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm and 113 Suicide Prevention


While we originally talked about Amsterdam as the location, our premier sponsor Deloitte has persuaded us to move just south to the city the BBC has called the Dubai of Europe. It’s hard to imagine, but we anticipate our view from the 44th floor of the tower they call the Maastoren will rival that of Sydney Harbor from our last gathering in early 2017.

Together, we developed the International Declaration for Better Healthcare in 2015, inspired and led by Professor Jo Smith’s pioneering work in early intervention services for first break psychosis. Suicide Prevention Australia’s Sue Murray inspired us to bring a laser focus to translating that vision into a Framework for Local Action. Dr. Mokkenstorm has continued the thread with his passion that we must now “move beyond the tipping point."

“The Rotterdam Declaration” is a product from the work done at the 4th International Zero Suicide Summit, Rotterdam 2018. See the full declaration here.

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