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5th International Summit

Liverpool, England

June 24-25, 2024
Welcome Dinner
June 23

Image by Neil Martin

What is Zero Suicide International?

Suicide is a worldwide public health crisis with an estimated 703,000 people dying by suicide annually and, unfortunately, suicide is on the rise.

Zero Suicide International is a program focused on bringing together thought leaders and organizations from across the globe to share insights and best practices in pursuit of suicide prevention and implementation. We believe that suicide is preventable and that zero suicides is the only acceptable goal. With evidence-based interventions and a commitment to quality and safety, we can end suicide in healthcare systems.

World-renowned suicide prevention experts at Henry Ford Health, in partnership with Zero Suicide Alliance, will host the 5th Zero Suicide International Summit to share insights, best practices, innovations, and implications of the Zero Suicide Model in the pursuit of reducing suicide globally. 

Image by Pete Willis


Brian Ahmedani,PhD

Director, Center for Health Policy & Health Services Research and Director of Research, Behavioral Health Services

Henry Ford Health, US

David Covington

CEO & President, RI International, US

Prof. Nav Kapur, MBChB, MMedSc, FRCPsych, MD

Sue Murray

Executive Director, Zero Suicide Australia

Dr.Michael Schoenbaum

Health Economist, National Institue of Mental Health, US

More Speakers Still to Come



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Applications are now being accepted until March 1, 2024

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